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Entertaining YA mix of history, adventure, intrigue, and romance

By Jennifer McGowan Maid of Deception (Maids of Honor) - Jennifer McGowan

The mix of Tudor history, young romance, undercover adventure, and political intrigue make Maid of Deception a fun, light, entertaining YA historical novel. This is the second book in the Maids of Honor series, but since the first features a different girl I had no trouble following the story. There are five teenage Maids of Honor with distinct talents and personalities who serve as personal spies for Queen Elizabeth, and my guess is there will be a book for each one of them.


Beatrice, the Maid of Honor whose skills involve getting men to spill their secrets, is the first person narrator here, and while the romance is definitely predictable (but isn’t it usually?) there were some other surprises for me in the pot. If you already know something about the Tudor era you’ll recognize several of the people, situations, customs, and fads the Maids encounter, and if aren’t familiar with that time you’ll actually learn a little something.


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