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A lightweight but entertaining escape

City of Jasmine - Deanna Raybourn

Famed aviatrix Evangeline Starke married her wildchild husband after knowing him just one night, and though it was a relationship full of passion they were on the verge of divorce when he died suddenly in the sinking of the Lusitania. Or did he? Five years later Evie discovers he just may be alive, which sets her off on a crazy quest to find him and get some answers. With lovely sensory-rich writing and a charming cast of international characters, including Evie’s Aunt Dove who in her younger days had been one of those forward-thinking, world-traveling Victorian women, City of Jasmine is an entertaining escape, though I missed Aunt Dove when Evie takes off across the desert without her. Part romance and part a fast-paced Indiana Jones type adventure it manages to include both Peter Pan themes and post-WWI Mideast politics.

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