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Perfect diversion

Murder at the Brightwell - Ashley Weaver

Set at a luxury resort by the sea in 1930’s Britain, Murder at Brightwell has all the ingredients of a perfect diversion--well burnished prose, a captivating plot, witty dialog, elegant fashions, charming cads, upper class shenanigans, love gone wrong, secrets galore, an appealing main character, and murder. What could be more fun than that? I dashed through the story.


Five years ago Amory Ames married Milo, her far too charismatic playboy husband, and then regretted that choice almost immediately. Milo jaunts off to places like Monte Carlo to engage in gossip column worthy amusements far too often, leaving Amory all alone with the servants, so when her former fiancé knocks on the door one day Amory can’t help wondering what might have been. Amory has known Gil Trent since they were children and he’s everything Milo is not--steady, dependable, and trustworthy. After years of no contact he’s come to ask a favor that involves Amory accompanying him on a holiday by the sea, and Amory decides, why not? It’s a request and opportunity she can’t resist, but then someone is murdered and Gil is accused and Milo of all people shows up making everything all the more confusing.


Amory investigates, of course, and a wonderful cast of characters make up the possible suspects. The romance and murder aspects of the story are finely balanced so that both threads kept me in suspense for most of the book. Murder at Brightwell is author Ashley Weaver’s debut novel, and I will be eagerly awaiting her second.


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