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A little bit of holiday magic

Real Elves: A Christmas Story (Emily Castles Mysteries) - Helen Smith

Emily Castle is back in this whimsical Christmas short story with seasonal magic, playful humor, and an alarming mystery (but no murder.)  This time around Emily is part of the crew working in a London department store’s elaborate enchanted forest Christmas display designed to help children feel the wonder of the holidays, but on their trial run the little girl testing the exhibit goes missing.


Real Elves is just a few short minutes of light yuletide reading intended to give readers a taste of the Emily Castle series, but I think it will be most enjoyed by those of us who are already fans and want more. For new readers I can highly recommend reading one of Emily’s quirky, wit-filled full length books.


I received a Kindle copy of this charming story from the author. Review opinions are mine.


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