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Isis, Vampires, and Ghosts--Oh My!

Isis, Vampires and Ghosts - Oh My! - Janis Hill

Estella has been trouble her entire life and it’s always been her older sister Stephanie’s job to clean up her messes and attempt to rescue her. Now it appears that Estella’s wayward lifestyle has led to an early death and that Stephanie will have just one final responsibility, her sister’s funeral. Except it turns out that Estella isn’t quite as dead as Stephanie had been led to believe. She’s temporarily undead to be precise.


Estella had gotten herself involved with a group of Isis worshipping women--which is a total surprise to Stephanie and a big change from Estella’s former partying ways--and while on a mission with her righteous cohorts to slay a vampire things went terribly wrong. Estella was killed but is still animated because she’s been possessed by Branwyre, an evil vampire who’s Lord of the Aegean, and now Stephanie must race against the clock to save her sister’s soul.


Stephanie has been angry with and estranged from her sister for years, and she doesn’t believe all the new age paranormal mumbo jumbo she’s being told, but what choice does she have? Estella is her baby sister. She can’t just let a vile vampire steal her soul. So now Stephanie is battling ancient demons she knows nothing about with the reluctant help of a foul-mouthed double-crossing Buddhist monk ghost as a sidekick--he was one of my favorite characters.


Like Janis Hill’s earlier Sci Fi adventure romance (Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde's Guide to Mathematics) this book is fast-paced, inventive, surprisingly touching, and beyond funny. Romance doesn’t play much of a role in this story because the important relationship is the two sisters, a dynamic I found refreshing.


Through its publisher and NetGalley I received an advance review ebook copy of Isis, Vampires, and Ghosts--Oh My! Review opinions are mine.

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