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Inventive YA paranormal

Frostfire - Amanda Hocking

There are plenty of books about vampires, fae, witches, and werewolves but not so many about trolls, which is part of why I love Amanda Hocking’s novels. Frostfire is the first entry in Hocking’s second series set in her troll-verse, a world exactly like our own but with the addition of human-resembling trolls who love nature, live in elaborate out of the way communities, and acquire wealth by placing some of their children in human families as changelings.


Bryn Aven is a Tracker with the dual job of safely returning changelings to her troll village compound once they are teenagers old enough to inherit from their human foster families, and then helping those new residents adjust to troll society which they grew up knowing nothing about. But while Bryn is determined to protect those in her charge and do a good job for king and community so she can become a member of the elite royal guard, she still has issues with the whole fraught, sordid, heartbreaking practice of changelings. Her decision to follow the rules, seek respect, and prove herself worthy in spite of those reservations is in part because she’s an outsider, looked down upon by some because her parents come from two very different troll tribes giving her a “mixed blood” appearance.


Then two new circumstances further confuse things and make it harder for Bryn to decide and do what’s right: She begins to have feelings for her very off-limits boss, and a former Tracker Bryn once admired and then had reason to hate inexplicably starts kidnapping changelings, thwarting the system and threatening their way of life.


Amanda Hocking doesn’t write gorgeous prose, but I can’t resist her thoughtfully moving stories, her spirited but conflicted characters, and her detailed inventive settings. She’s created a fascinating and personality-filled troll coterie which includes several tribes with distinctive cultures and diverging backstories. Frostfire ends abruptly--it’s not even so much that there’s a cliffhanger, the story just stops to be continued in books two and three. Fortunately all three books will be released in 2015.


I read an advance review copy of Frostfire. Review opinions are mine.


Covers for books 2 and 3:



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