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Beautifully written, deeply moving memoir of farm life and family

The Orchard: A Memoir - Theresa Weir

After having The Orchard on my ereader for several years I began it almost on a whim. The memoir was supposed to be my back-up book, always there in my purse for emergency reading needs, but once I started in on it I found it hard to do anything else.


Theresa Weir came from a very broken home. First her father abandoned the family, and then her mother drove off or disposed of her and her siblings one by one. Weir was barely twenty-one and living and working in her uncle’s seedy country bar when she met Adrian, a young apple farmer who loved to draw. After a brief but passionate courtship of just a few months they married, against the wishes of both their families and hardly knowing what they were getting into.


Though the locals claimed Adrian’s family orchard was cursed Weir thought she’d be leading a strange-to-her but idealized farm life, but while she loved her husband it didn’t quite turn out that way. Her in-laws’ obsession with the family legacy of growing perfect unblemished apples made them harsh and controlling, Adrian labored from dawn until dusk, and the heavy scent of pesticides was always in the air.


Weir was used to difficulty and hard work, so though they barely knew each other when they married she and Adrian made a loving life together, but there’s a lot of heartbreak in their story. It’s a compelling cautionary tale, and this memoir of farm life and family is both beautifully written and deeply moving.


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