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The return of Dorothy Parker’s witty ghost

Dorothy Parker Drank Here - Ellen Meister

This entertaining novel featuring the ghost of witty Dorothy Parker is, of course, full of tart-tongued repartee, but along with the humor is a surprisingly moving story of friendship and family. Though no longer among the living, Dorothy Parker is still hanging around the Algonquin Hotel in corporeal form as long as mysteriously powerful guest book she signed years ago is open, but she’s lonely because most of her friends from back in the day have moved on--even Groucho Marx and Lillian Hellman chose to “go to the light” rather than spend eternity trading quips and downing cocktails in the hotel’s bar.


Fortunately Parker may have found the perfect afterlife companion in Ted Shriver, a brilliant but jaded author recluse who had his novel writing career cut short by accusations of plagiarism. He’s dying, but if Parker can just get him to sign that magic guestbook he’ll have the ability to stick around once he’s passed on. Unfortunately he’s just as obstinately unyielding as Parker and he won’t do it.


Enter Norah Wolfe, a determined television producer and long time fan of Shriver’s writing. She hopes to save her about-to-be-cancelled talk show by booking Shriver as a guest so he can finally explain the plagiarism charge, but of course he won’t do that either. Parker and Norah form an uneasy alliance, embarking on a hijinks filled quest of discovery in order to convince Shriver to change his mind about both of their projects.


This is the second book in Ellen Meister’s exceedingly fun series starring Dorothy Parker’s clever, opinionated ghost--I’m looking forward to the third one.

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