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Dystopian thriller lightened with some deadpan humor

Reboot - Amy Tintera

I was drawn to the premise of this book--a seventeen year old girl, reanimates (reboots) after death and is trained to be the perfect fighting machine until she's given an order she refuses to obey--but I loved the actual book even more than I expected. Wren is supposed to be the baddest of the bad, she took a full 178 minutes to come back to life and the longer they are dead the less human the reboots are supposed to be, but right from the start Wren is struggling with nascent emotions. It's not like she did emotions so well when she was a human. Pre-death Wren was wrapped up tight, dodging trouble on the bad side of town because her parents were drug addicts. As tough as reboot Wren is she doesn't know how to act when she starts having tender feelings for Callum, the happy-go-lucky low number reboot she's trying to train.

The world building is great; Reboot is set in what used to be the state of Texas after a viral outbreak and a human-reboot war decimated most of the country. Deadpan humor, especially in witty exchanges between Wren and Callum, keeps the story from being too heavy. Reboot ends abruptly, but that's not a bad thing because it means there's a sequel that will continue the story.