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Eager reader of history, mystery, classics, biographies, steampunk, lit fic, science, scifi, and etc. My reviews are mostly positive--I rarely finish or write about books I don't enjoy. My TBR is too high for that.

Lighthearted fun

Spellbound and Determined - Dax Varley

While Cam is minding her grandmother’s New Age magic shop, a  suspicious looking man accidentally drops an ancient spell for Power Supreme on the floor. Well, who could resist that? Not Cam and her boy-crazy best friend Reade. With the help of the ever accommodating Zack, their high school’s resident nerd genius, they embark on a merry mission to collect all the obscure, sometimes gross, ingredients the spell requires.


Snappy dialogue, likable characters, light suspense, a touch of romance, and a sitcom-funny plot make Spellbound and Determined a fast, fun read. As an added bonus, Zach supplies a steady stream of encyclopedic  information on any number of topics, and he has relevant quotes from Julius Caesar for just about every occasion.