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A breezy, funny urban fantasy with a refreshingly human main character

The Shambling Guide to New York City - Mur Lafferty

One of the best things about this urban fantasy is that Zoe, the main character, isn’t paranormal herself. She doesn’t even know that “monsters” really exist until she’s hired by a vampire to edit a series of city guides aimed at the zombies, death goddesses, water sprites, and other supernaturals who are able to hide in plain sight among us on crowded streets and subway platforms.


Sharing a workspace with creatures who would enjoy drinking your blood or eating your brains has complications, of course, but times are tough and Zoe is paid really well. And though Zoe doesn’t have any cool special powers herself, she is hardworking, competent, cautiously open-minded about alternative  lifestyles (or in some cases, death-styles), and resigned to acts of bravery when human decency requires jumping into the fray.


Though the pace is fast and the tension is kept high with one inventive surprise or crazy crisis after another, the style is breezy and funny. And the characters, human and not, are wonderful.  I hope to meet most of them again in the sequel which looks like it will be set in New Orleans, a city with a lot of paranormal possibilities.