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Warring cults, a lightning addiction, and LA in ruins--it can’t get much more exciting

Struck - Jennifer Bosworth

Warring religious cults battling for power after an apocalypse level disaster shreds civil order, a teenage girl irresistibly drawn to lightning which scars her body and bestows a power she can’t control, Los Angeles in ruins after a powerful storm destabilizes a geological fault and sets off a calamitous earthquake--it can’t get much more exciting than that.


Mia Price, lightning addict. has survived countless strikes and so is being pursued by both the Seekers and the Followers, rival cults who hope to make use of her power, but Mia is more concerned about keeping her family safe. Her mother is in thrall to the telegenic leader of the Followers and her brother is far too trusting for his own good in the barely functioning world they now live in. There’s also a cute but enigmatic and possibly dangerous boy, Jeremy, who’s constantly showing up and telling Mia what she should do but refusing to explain why.

I’m always slightly irritated by stories that depend on people not explaining themselves, but, that weakness aside, for me Struck lives up to its high tension premise. The strong relationship between Mia and her family gives this aftermath of a disaster story a poignant intimacy, and I love that the author made belief movements spawned by calamity part of the plot.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/669092728