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Noir science fiction with robots in Antarctica

Our Lady of the Ice - Cassandra Rose Clarke

Dark, gritty and inventive, I was drawn to this book by it’s premise--robots and humans living together uneasily under Antarctic domes. Throw in a ruined amusement park, exploitation by “mainlanders” back in South America, and the fact that the robots are evolving and there was no way I could resist. The world-building is fantastic, but what kept me from loving this story more is the writing style. The author is known for her YA books, but for my taste she tried too hard to make this an “adult” book--though it may be that I just don’t enjoy noir fiction.There’s not a scrap of humor--no ironic self-reflection by any of the characters and no moments of comic relief--which for me gave it a sort of wooden melodramatic tone that kept me more disengaged from the characters than I would have liked.


I read an advanced review copy of this book supplied by the publisher. Review opinions are mine.


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