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This light mystery series set in the Downton Abbey era remains utterly charming

Heirs and Graces - Rhys Bowen

I'm always a little bereft when I finish one of these books. Happy hours fly by far too quickly in the charming company of Georgie, heroine of the Royal Spyness Mystery novels. As 35th in line to the throne Lady Georgiana Rannoch is a member of the royal family and expected to keep up appearances, she's a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria after all, but it's difficult to live like a royal when you're broke.


To keep a roof over her head and food in her stomach she often does favors for Queen Mary, and this time around Georgie has been invited to stay as a guest at luxurious Kingsdowne Place so she can help polish the duke's new found heir Jack Altringham, a rough around the edges but friendly young man who's fresh from the  wilds of an Australian sheep farm. There are tensions naturally, one wouldn't expect anything else, especially since the current duke seems to be doing his best to alienate his entire family, and before Georgie has had a chance to make much progress with Jack there is a murder.


Set in the Downton Abbey era after WWI,  these novels are a little lighter than that show and they have a little more humor, in spite of being a murder mystery series. There are recurring characters in every book, including Georgie's dashing boyfriend Darcy, her wild  bright-young-things friend Belinda, and her ex-cop grandfather who comes from the non-royal side of her family, but each book also  has delightful new characters that it's fun to get to know.  The settings vary also, sometimes sumptuous and sometimes quaint,  but always  a joy to inhabit during the all too brief time spent reading these novels.


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/695536886