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Eager reader of history, mystery, classics, biographies, steampunk, lit fic, science, scifi, and etc. My reviews are mostly positive--I rarely finish or write about books I don't enjoy. My TBR is too high for that.

What I read (and listened to)

Myths, Lies and Half-Truths of Language Usage - John W. McWhorter Dragon Day (An Ellie McEnroe Novel) - Lisa Brackmann Confronting the Classics: Traditions, Adventures and Innovations - Mary Beard The Raj Quartet, Volume 2: The Day of the Scorpion - Paul Scott Bring the Monkey - Miles Franklin Plato's Republic - Professor David Roochnik, The Great Courses, The Great Courses The Republic of Plato - Allan Bloom, Plato A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird) - Claudia Gray Plato, Socrates, and the Dialogues - Professor Michael Sugrue, The Great Courses, The Great Courses

Inspired by the upcoming summer release of the last book in Jo Walton's Thessaly Trilogy, which tells the story of the goddesses Athena's attempt to create Plato's Republic, I spent much of this month happily ensconced in the classical world of Greece (mainly) and Rome (a little).  I re-read The Republic for the first time since I was 18, which is a little more than 4 decades ago...  And  I also listened to two audio courses on Plato and read a book of essays by Mary Beard about classical Greece and Rome.


I started the month with Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths of Language Usage, an audio course by my favorite linguist, John McWhorter. The Day of the Scorpion is the second book in Paul Scott's Raj Quartet, set in India during WWII, Dragon Day is a thriller set in modern day China, Bring the Monkey is a spoofy English country house mystery, and A Thousand Pieces of You is a YA novel that explores the multiverse--it was a reread for me. I was about to start its sequel and just planned to skim the last chapter to remind myself of where it ended, but then couldn't resist diving back into the whole book. My original review is here: A Thousand Peices of You--Racing through a Multiverse of Alternate Lives


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