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Salon reports a new trend on Tumblr: “Bookshelfies”: Vanity for introverts

People are taking photos and videos of themselves with their books--like these:

Most selfies seen in social feeds these days seem to be hazy Instagrammed half-faces, or as the disturbing new trend seems to be, sweaty hotdog legs in exotic locales. But the new “Bookshelfie” may be just the antidote to those useless arm-angled snaps, by providing fellow bookworms with shared lists of your best-loved literature (links to Amazon included). Genius!

Here are some of the snaps submitted to the Bookshelfies Tumblr so far.

olliedthat: “I keep my books in piles, and sometimes I ollie them.”


Jiz Lee: “I loan/give away a lot of books so my shelves are sparse … but here’s my current bookshelfie (#showmeyourtitles)”:

russellquinn: “I’ve no idea why we all have to wear sunglasses.”