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A sophisticated, atmospheric Hollywood mystery

City of Mirrors - Melodie Johnson Howe

Like a sophisticated Hollywood drama, City of Mirrors exudes atmosphere and style. It’s hard for a 40-something actress to find work in Hollywood, but determinedly blond Diana Poole needs the money and acting is all she knows how to do. She recently buried both her mother, a famous actress and shrewd woman but not a great role model, and her husband, a fellow actor she had given up her own acting career for. Their ghosts continue to haunt her, and though Diana has managed to land a part in a movie, making a film is a collaborative effort and certain people on the set are insuring that progress is difficult. Then murder upends everything, putting her career, her friends, and her life in jeopardy. Everyone involved is keeping secrets, but Diana uses skills she developed as an actress to assess the players in this tragedy like they are characters in a script.  


I was thrilled to discover City of Mirrors because I’ve been waiting for a new novel from Melodie Johnson Howe since the mid-1990’s. She’s acted in films herself and she knows how to set a scene, reveal character, and build suspense. Howe has also written Shooting Hollywood, a moody and entertaining book of short stories featuring Diana Poole, and her books from the 1990’s, The Mother Shadow and Beauty Dies, remain among my favorite mysteries.

Besides having a great story, the jacket design shimmers with eerie beauty and those who love attractive, evocative covers would enjoy having City of Mirrors on their shelves.

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