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Murder and Roller Derby!

Skating on the Edge (Rebecca Robbins Mystery, #3) - Joelle Charbonneau

Murder most bizarre, mysterious goings-on, roller derby madness, personality-plus characters, wacky small town mayhem, and a slowly simmering romance! This warm-hearted, humorous story has all the makings of fun, and though it sometimes verges on absurdity it never sacrifices emotional richness for a laugh.  I've enjoyed every book in this series and for me they just keep getting better and better--this one is greatly enhanced by the new roller derby team that has taken up residence in Rebbecca Robbins’s rink.  Rebecca Robbins mysteries are reminiscent of the early Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich, but I enjoy them more than the later books in that series.

As this book opens, Rebecca is still struggling with what to do with the roller skating rink she inherited last year from her mother. Part of her wants to sell the rink so she can leave her rural hometown behind and get back to her life in Chicago, and part of her . . . well, there are some new attractions in Indian Falls, including Lionel, the town veterinarian and Rebbecca’s sort-of boyfriend. Then a woman is murdered, and Rebecca may have been the actual target, so moving is put on hold as Rebecca gets caught up in the investigation, because there’s no way she’s trusting the local police to find the killer. Her scrawny Elvis-impersonating grandfather wants to help, the roller derby women want to be her body guards, her father wants to convince her he’s finally ready to lead a straight and narrow life, and someone still seems to be trying to kill her. This is a book that leaves you smiling.

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