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Impressive debut that requires some extra effort

The Bone Season  - Samantha Shannon

Bone Season has a fascinating story, both the actual book and its backstory about the twenty-one year old author, but while the series has a lot of potential and will most likely get stronger, for me this book is more impressive and interesting than engaging or engrossing. It takes work and commitment to read  because there is a lot to learn about the alternate reality it's set in, and early on after you think you've got the general idea of the world that's been built, everything is turned on its head because it turns out your original understanding is just an illusion of how things actually are. Impressive for sure, because the author has built two full, connecting alternate realities.


A few things about the book dampened my enthusiasm. There are intricate distinctions between different types of psychic ability that are clearly significant but sometimes tedious. The glossary in the back of the book  is both a relief, I can think of other books that could use one, and a mild irritant, it interrupts the flow of the story to have to keep looking things up. Though it's been compared to Harry Potter it's  a much grimmer story--Hogwarts had some severe problems but it wasn't a dystopia and Bone Season may be the most dystopian novel I've read.

In spite of some shortcomings Bone Season is a powerful story and I'll definitely be following this series. Those who enjoy  immersing themselves in books with harsh realities and densely  detailed world building will love Bone Season and Samantha Shannon is an author to watch.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/712194608, www.librarything.com/profile/Jaylia3