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Adventures on the paranormal wing of the county hospital--Who knew being a nurse could be so exciting?

Nightshifted - Cassie Alexander

I love the writing, there are so many cogent passages and turns of phrase that my copy of Nightshifted is decorated with post-it flags, and the well constructed plot kept the book in my hand,  but it’s the main character, vibrant, ironic, well meaning Edie Spence, that totally won me over for this series. She’s not a paranormal superstar with special  powers, she’s the newest night shift nurse on the county hospital’s secret sub-basement wing for paranormal patients. She’s learning while she goes and makes mistakes, some big ones in fact, but she tries to make things right where she can.  


“Save Anna” were the dying words of a vampire patient whose transformation to ash is Edie’s fault, setting her off on a mission to free a little undead girl who, yes, is  part monster but surely doesn’t deserve the hand she’s been dealt. In the process Edie barges her way into a vampire torture chamber, partners with a zombie she starts having feeling for, tracks a gang of ruthless kidnappers with a friendly family of werewolves, acquires a haunted German-speaking CD player which becomes a sort of ally, saves two patients from a raging were-dragon, and almost loses her soul to a husker. Who knew a nurse’s life could be so exciting? Great stuff--can’t wait to start the next book in the series.


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