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Romance novelist chucks it all to live on a farm

Chickens in the Road: An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor - Suzanne McMinn

Sometimes books written by people with blogs are just cobbled together posts--not so with Chickens in the Road, maybe because Suzanne McMinn wrote romance novels before she chucked her suburban housewife existence for life on a farm, so she knows how to tell a story.  After her marriage ended Suzanne moved herself and her initially reluctant children to the West Virginia county where her father grew up and started working towards fulfilling a dream she hadn't realized she had, living on an animal filled farm.  


Maybe because I have my own chickens in the road fantasy I loved this book. Suzanne writes with bright determined enthusiasm that’s hard to resist, even as her narrative is increasingly weighed down by her relationship with 52, the difficult man who won her heart and became her farming partner. For me, the troubles with 52 don’t detract from the book, they enhance it. Suzanne moved to the country to become more independent and figuring out relationship stuff becomes part of that journey, even for a former romance novelist. The book has a wonderful photo insert section and two appendixes with country recipes and craft projects.


You can check out her Chickens in the Road Blog at http://chickensintheroad.com/

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