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Fighting evil paranormal “monsters” is no preparation for high school

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

When I read that Rachel Hawkins has a new book featuring the youngest of the formidable Brannick sisters from her Hex Hall series my curiosity was piqued to say the least. Isolde (Izzy) Brannick’s life hasn’t exactly been normal. While Izzy doesn’t have any paranormal superpowers, she’s part of a family of females that has accumulated hundreds of years of experience fighting and dispatching the magic “monsters” who do. Unfortunately, spending her entire 15 years in the family business thwarting evil vampires, demons, and witches has not prepared Izzy for her latest challenge--high school.


Izzy watches a bunch of TV shows about high school as “research”, but the fact that her viewing partner is suave warlock who her family trapped in a mirror hundreds of years ago shows you just how far from typical her teen years have been. A vengeful, violent ghost is haunting the school Izzy is to attend and her mission is to get in, get rid of the ghost, and get out, but Izzy finds herself attached to the friends she was never supposed to make and the unlikely boy she was never supposed to fall for.


This book had me laughing from page one, but it’s surprisingly moving too. Izzy’s capable kickass older sister has recently gone missing, a circumstance Izzy blames herself for, so the mighty Brannick family is down to just two, Izzy and her mother. (The fathers in the family are chosen for their strength and military prowess and don’t stick around--I don’t know what happens to any sons.) Izzy is determined to prove herself worthy of the family name, which leads to all kinds of trouble. I enjoyed this book as much, maybe even more, than the Hex Hall series so I’m looking forward to Izzy’s next adventure.


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