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Perfect novel for NaNoWriMo reading

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

Cath has just started college and it’s not working out so well. Her twin is too busy for her, her roommate is scary, the dining halls are overwhelming, her father may be having a meltdown, and all she wants to do is write Simon Snow fan fiction--Simon Snow being a Harry Potter like series. Cath has thousands of fans around the world for her online Simon Snow spin-offs, but no friends other than the twin who is now ignoring her. Sound like a downer? It’s too funny and hopeful for that.  Cath may skew to the quirky introvert part of the social spectrum but being equal parts snark and heart she’s no pushover, and since she’s a quick study and has a way with words her witty comebacks when cornered are thrilling. There is a lot at stake for Cath and I found her story irresistible. Building relationships in her own style and finding her own writing voice become complementary journeys in this well plotted but character driven book. Because there is so much in it about writing it’s a perfect NaNoWriMo novel for anyone in the midst of trying to pound out 50,000 words of fiction.


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