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Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 3)

Club Dead - Charlaine Harris

If you like the TV series you’ll like the book, maybe . . .Sookie’s life, especially her love life, is getting more complicated in book three of this series, which very roughly corresponds to season three of the television series. Vampire Bill, Sookie’s first boyfriend, has vanished, the modern day Viking vampire Eric is continuing to press his case, and while ordinary human males think Sookie is just too weird, there is now another “supe” (supernatural), a werewolf this time, who finds her irresistible.


Since the book is relatively short and told completely from Sookie’s first person point of view there is a lot less going on in it than in the twelve episode TV adaptation, and in the book, unlike the television show, Sookie is in every scene. The book has some of the darkness of the TV series, but it’s more comedic and the television interpretations of the characters don’t always match the book originals—in the book Pam likes to wear pastels, not S & M garb. I saw the television series first and like it better, but I enjoy the books too and it’s very entertaining to read stories that are both so similar to and different from my TV-formed expectations.