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The Orphanage of Miracles

The Orphanage of Miracles - Amy Neftzger Myth-like fairy tale for preteen setWritten as a myth-like fairy tale and aimed at preteen readers, Orphanage of Miracles has a nice stereotype flip--the main girl character is strong and fearless while the main boy character is compassionate and level-headed. A faraway war is making life difficult for everyone and the king is missing, so children living at an orphanage hidden within an enchanted forest are given the job of tying to create a miracle to set things right. In another part of the kingdom a young girl named Kelsey leaves her home also in search of a miracle to end the war. Until the storylines come together at the end, chapters alternate between the quest like adventures of Kelsey as she travels and the struggles of three orphan friends as they try to create a miracle using library books and laboratory equipment. There are some wonderful magical elements in the book, like bottled memories that can be bought and sold. Orphanage of Miracles should appeal to children who enjoy magic-filled stories set in distant lands.