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In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad Series #1)

In the Woods - Tana French Evocative and gripping A wonderful, atmospheric, multileveled mystery/psychological thriller/police procedural set in Dublin and Knocknaree, an ancient Irish town about to be torn apart by a large-scale, “progress promoting” mega-road. I lost a day to reading this book, I knew I wouldn’t be good for anything until I finished it, and it wasn’t just or even primarily because I wanted to find out “who done it.” Most of the characters are so fully developed, the close and easy relationship between rookie detective partners Cassie and Rob is especially appealing, that I kept reading to find out what they were going to do and what would happen to them. This is not the kind of book that ties everything up in a neat bow at the end. The primary mystery is solved but I was left with a pleasant sort of haunted preoccupation.