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Midnight in Austenland

Midnight in Austenland - Shannon Hale A vacation in a bookMidnight in Austenland is a perfectly balanced, wonderfully fun Austen-era inspired fairytale for adults in which heroine Charlotte Kinder, who’s as nice as her name, gets to vanquish the dastardly foe using rage and strength she didn’t know she had AND be rescued by the prince, or in this case by the handsome actor in Regency clothing. With a husband she loves, two children she dotes on, and a successful internet business she created herself, everything had seemed to be going well in Charlotte’s life until her husband decides he has fallen in love with another woman, named Justice of all things, and wants a divorce. As the book opens Charlotte is having a little trouble moving on and the dates her friends set her up on are unequivocal disasters, so when it’s her ex-husband’s two weeks with the children she decides to take herself off for a vacation at Austenland, where grown men and women don waistcoats, bonnets and corsets to live a pleasant Austen novel alternate reality with parlor games, horse-drawn carriages, fancy balls, witty conversation and, of course, carefully scripted romance. Lucky Charlotte is paired with the smolderingly intense Mr. Mallory and it’s loads of harmless fun until someone gets murdered. There’s mystery, amorous longings, and humorous plot twists galore, but in the end all is made delightfully and satisfyingly right.