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Exposure (Twisted Lit)

Exposure: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's Macbeth - Kim Askew, Amy Helmes

Based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth instead of The Tempest, this second in the in the Twisted Lit series is a little darker than its predecessor with themes of ambition, deception, murder, and mental illness, but Exposure shares the clear-eyed wit and literate style that made reading Tempestuous such a pleasure. Both books have loose connections with their source play, which is a good thing because it allows each story to evolve in its own natural but sometimes unexpected direction.


With its unusual and starkly beautiful setting of Alaska, Exposure has a wonderful sense of place. It’s senior year for high school honor student Skye Kingston, a photographer who prefers dark rooms to digital photography. Photography has helped hone her skills of observation and insight, but before senior year she had a history of hiding behind her camera a little too much. Now she is starting to speak out, especially to Craig, the boy who became her best friend and secret crush when he moved to town the summer before their sophomore year. Once school started, Craig became part of the popular crowd and started dating the intensely controlling Beth, so the friendship Skye shared with Craig went largely underground. Now as a senior Skye is starting to call him on that hypocrisy, and she’s coming out of her shell enough to become closer to three artistic and independent minded girls whose bond is based partly on their Eskimo heritage. The varied and interesting characters are one of both book’s many joys--I hope there’ll be a third Twisted Lit variation.