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Lullaby (Watersong Novels)

Lullaby - Amanda Hocking With its small town, seaside setting and its myth-laced but down to earth story of two equally interesting and appealing sisters now in full motion, I enjoyed this second book in the Watersong series even more than the first. Lullaby picks up right where Wake left off. Gemma didn’t ask to become a siren, but when she’s forced into it by three others who share that fate she flees with them. She’s determined to protect her family and friends from the harm the sirens cause, so she’s following their orders to put as much distance as she can between them and her loved ones. Gemma’s responsible older sister Harper is determined too--determined to find Gemma and bring her back. She’s helped by Alex, her longtime best friend who recently confused things a little by becoming Gemma’s boyfriend, and Daniel, a disturbingly appealing boy Harper is not sure she should trust. Amanda Hocking has the knack of making you care about all four of them. The story will continue in Tidal--can't wait.