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Forgotten Lyrics (Watersong, #0.5)

Forgotten Lyrics - Amanda Hocking

Actual "cover" image here:Forgotten Lyrics


I've read a number of series prequels in the last year or so--the idea seems to be in vogue--and Forgotten Lyrics is both longer and more substantial than the others I've encountered. Not that it's anywhere near novel length, but at 54 pages it's longer than what I would call a short story, and since the download does not include an excerpt from any of the books that 54 page estimate gives you a real idea of what new reading material you will be getting. Normally my advice would be don't start with the prequel because it won't give you a real sense of what the series is like, but I think Forgotten Lyrics is as strong as the novels it supports. Still, you don't need to start with it. I read it when I was about halfway through Lullaby, the second book, and really enjoyed getting more insight into Daniel's background.The action takes place a few years before the series begins, and while Harper, Gemma and Alex are not involved we meet and learn more about Aggie, the siren Gemma replaces who was killed before the action in the books, and there is a moving story about two new characters, non-magical Lydia and her psychic grandmother.