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Bonnie's Story: A Blonde's Guide to Mathematics

Bonnie's Story: A Blonde's Guide to Mathematics - Janis Hill

Bonnie’s Story broke new ground for me as a wacky, sci-fi flavored romance of a book set primarily in Australia but with some far flung side trips. Bonnie often finds herself mentally apologizing to her mother for decorum infractions because she's got some serious attitude issues, which is fortunate for the reader since they make her a lively first person narrator. Bonnie may not know “maths” so well herself, but she grew up in a mathematically gifted, scientifically astute household so when she meets a cute but infuriating nerd scientist who transports her to the moon (not THAT moon, but it’s just as weird a location for a date) she understands his dense with mumbo-lingo explanations well enough to impress and even attract him.


Bonnie, however, is not so sure about him. After much persuasion he convinces her to meet his brilliant but geeky cronies, and in short order she is alternating her time between working at a beauty parlor and hanging out with his crew in their off the grid hideaway. Bonnie is the only one of the bunch who cares about keeping the place clean, and as it turns out she’s the only one who can resist the mind control of their enemy Sylvester--aka Slimy Sly--when he foments a diabolical plan to steal their powerful and potentially dangerous formulas.


Trying to evade Sly sets Bonnie and the gang off on a world hopping trip powered by mathematics, and their adventure makes fun reading. I read an ebook advanced reader copy from NetGalley.