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His Majesty's Hope: A Maggie Hope Mystery

His Majesty's Hope - Susan Elia MacNeal

I just got back from a vacation that was wonderful in almost all ways except that I knew an ARC of His Majesty’s Hope would be arriving in the mail at home and I’d have to wait a week to start reading. Set during WWII, this series features Maggie Hope who has gone from being one of Winston Churchill’s secretaries to being an undercover spy. With a determined personality and a knack for codes, languages, and mathematics Maggie has come a long way since the first book when she worked as one of Winston Churchill's secretaries. Now she will be parachuting into Germany to work as an undercover spy and encountering her mother, a well connected Nazi, who until recently Maggie thought was dead.


Her previous adventures and training have made Maggie hard, competent, and physically much stronger than she was, but she’ll need a lot of emotional strength to cope with new challenges and revelations. There is humor in this book but it’s not a light mystery. Among the darker realities Maggie discovers is that Hitler’s crew is covertly murdering children they deem genetically inferior, loved children with issues like epilepsy or Down’s syndrome. Maggie will also be dealing with love complicated by war, men who think women lack the necessary skills to be a spy, and the discovery that there is more to her family than she knew.


This fast paced, riveting story is told from multiple points of view but I had no trouble keeping track of what was going on. There are maybe a few too many coincidences in the plot, but the character development and storytelling are so good I didn’t care.