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As Sweet as Honey

As Sweet as Honey - Indira Ganesan

I felt like I was living a lovely dream while reading this book that takes a gentle look at love, traditions, and family. Set off the coast of India on the lush, imaginary island of Pi (short for Prospero’s Island according to some locals familiar with Shakespeare’s Tempest), the book’s story is narrated by Mina who is part of a large extended family all living under one roof.


Mina and her young cousins adore their Aunt Meterling. She’s too tall, too dark and too old to be unmarried, but in her genial way she thinks for herself. In her late 20’s Meterling meets and falls in love with an Englishman more than a decade her senior, setting off a flutter of activity. Within months of making each other’s acquaintance the two are married, but within moments of marriage, long before the celebrations were to be over, he is dead. Meterling is heartbroken, then to complicate things further she discovers she is pregnant.


As Sweet as Honey does not have a fast paced plot, but things do happen as the story evolves. Its charms are the relationships, the redolent descriptions of scenery, the dance between tradition and emerging modern ideas, and the appealing innocent freedoms of Mina and her cousins. There is a ghost story aspect to the book, but its ghosts are of the most benign kind.