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The View from Penthouse B

The View from Penthouse B - Elinor Lipman With a plot inspired by the headlines and a roommate situation worthy of a sitcom, The View From Penthouse B is both witty and fun. Two 40 or 50-something sisters live together in genteel poverty as they try to recover from their life setbacks. Gwen-Laura’s beloved husband died two years ago, a loss she still feels, and Margot’s fertility specialist ex-husband has just been released from prison for spreading his seed among his patients in a most unprofessional manner. Margot lost all the money from her divorce settlement in a Bernie Madoff scam, but at least she still has the penthouse apartment, which is big enough to also house a third roommate--a congenial gay man in his twenties. Can Gwen-Laura move on with her life? Can Margot forgive her eager to please ex-husband? All the book’s characters are such good company--funny, open, thoughtful and interesting--that as I was reading I was crossing my fingers for them the way I would for a friend. A thoroughly enjoyable novel.