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MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 -

Mila has just been uprooted from her childhood home in Philadelphia and is coping with the recent death of her father, but feeling melancholy under those circumstances is completely human and just means she’s a typical teenage girl. Except she’s not. Until she falls off the back of a pickup truck and leaks some kind of machine fluid instead of bleeding, Mila has no idea that the gaps in her memory and the overprotective tendencies of her mother are clues to her real nature. Which is android--and when she finds out she is just as horrified as she thinks everyone else will be, but she doesn’t have much time to adjust to the idea because within days she and her “mother” are on the lam. Mila was designed to be a military weapon with abilities that have only recently been switched on, and now that her cover is blown the military wants her back in spite of her imperfections which include feeling emotions.


Mila 2.0 has a heart racingly fast pace, but it’s the heart touchingly real character of Mila herself and the way she evolves and grows in strength and self knowledge that kept me glued to the page. This is the first of three parts, and I can’t wait for the next installation.


There is a prequel short story and some sample chapter that are available for free on Amazon. I’d start with the book chapters first because the prequel, like many others, is more interesting if you are already well into the story.