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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning At the end of Faefever things could hardly be worse. The world is in a tailspin with evil fae overrunning the streets of Dublin and Mac has been abducted by her enemies and abused until she is out of her mind and helpless--which makes a grim start to this fourth of five books in the Fever series. The first fifty or so pages I found both painful and a little boring to read, but after that the story took off. There is a lot more of Jericho Barrons, who or whatever he is, V’lane, a fae prince who seems to share some but not all of Mac’s goals, and Dani, a fellow sidhe-seer who has become like a little sister to Mac. Mac also becomes more involved with the other sidhe-seers as she tries to subvert Rowena’s leadership which she sees as far too controlling and cautious. With dogged determination Mac manages to plunge ahead with her mission to avenge her sister’s murder and each time she survives almost impossible difficulties she continues to become stronger and smarter. There’s another abrupt cliff hanger ending, making me glad I didn’t encounter the series until it was already written.