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The Aviator's Wife

The Aviator's Wife - Melanie Benjamin I’ve been fascinated by Anne Morrow Lindbergh since I encountered the first of her published diaries. Though somewhat shy and with a literary bent, after marrying Charles Lindbergh she learned to fly a plane so she could roam the world with her heroic but domineering husband. There are many books by and about her and I’ve read most of them so I wasn’t sure I would be interested in a fictional version of her life, but I enjoyed this book immensely. Author Melanie Benjamin captures both the wonders and heart rending realities of being married to the kind of man who earns well deserved fame through dogged determination, a control freak’s insistence on attention to detail and a strong sense that his ways are the only right ways. The reflective Anne she portrays, who gradually develops her voice as she grows in strength and self understanding throughout the book, mainly rings true to me. Ranging in time from the late 1920’s until Charles Lindbergh’s death in 1974, The Aviator’s Wife encompasses some of the more interesting history of the last century. My only complaint, which is mild, is the cover picture. That tall, cool, model thin woman looks nothing like Anne, either in actual appearance or spirit.