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The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Royal Spyness Series #6)

The Twelve Clues of Christmas - Rhys Bowen

The Twelve Clues of Christmas is full of the charms of an old fashioned traditional English Christmas, in spite of the numerous suspicious deaths that keep occurring around the small country village where Lady Georgina has fled for the Christmas season. She had been staying at her family's ancestral home, the grand but drafty Castle Rannoch in Scotland with her sweet,clueless brother Binky and his grumpy, penny-pinching wife Fig, but with Fig's family about to descend for a long stay Georgie needed to get out. Georgie is now thirty-fifth in line to the throne, but being one of Queen Victoria's Great-Granddaughters doesn't mean she has any money of her own, so she accepts a job as hostess for an extended holiday party in the same village where her mother is holed up with Noel Coward as he writes a play for them both to star in.


Other recurring characters on the scene are Georgie's ex-cop grandfather, her well meaning but clumsy maid Queenie, and of course Georgie's impoverished Irish Lord love interest Darcy, who turns out to be related to the family Georgie is working for. The mystery murders are more silly than sad and the enigmatic relationship between Georgie and Darcy makes some very satisfying progress by the end of the book. A wonderful respite from daily cares, this latest installment of the Royal Spyness Mystery series felt like a holiday visit with old friends.