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Masked Ball at Broxley Manor (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #0.5)

Masked Ball at Broxley Manor - Rhys Bowen

If you’ve enjoyed the misadventures of impoverished royal (thirty fourth in-line to the throne) Lady Georgiana in the Her Royal Spyness series, you’ll probably also enjoy this short story prequel. It provides background information that will be interesting to fans, including how Lady Georgiana met enigmatic love interest Darcy, but it’s light on plot, characterization and suspense so if you haven’t yet read anything else in the Her Royal Spyness series, this isn’t the place to start. It’s current price of almost three dollars is steep for not much more than twenty minutes of reading, but I needed something light and fun to distract me from Frankenstorm Sandy, and this was a perfect, if brief, solution.


As the story opens it’s the end of Lady Georgiana’s “season”. At great expense to her broke though affable brother Binky and his resentful wife Fig, Georgiana has been presented at court (she nearly crashed into Their Majesties because her heel caught in the train of her gown), and she’s attended numerous balls and society events, but so far she hasn’t had any proposals. That may be about to change when two invitations arrive in the mail to set things in motion. As with the rest of the series, actual and fictional characters mingle on the page, and this story includes a fictional first meeting of Wallis Simpson and Georgiana’s cousin David, the future if short reigning King Edward VIII.