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Shine Shine Shine

Shine Shine Shine - Lydia Netzer

Maxon’s autistic mind parses the world through formula infused thoughts. He’s married to Sunny, his lifelong love, a born hairless free spirit whose artistic acumen has allowed her to construct the facade of suburban normality she thinks is best for their young son. But as the novel opens, things aren’t going so well. Maxon is flying to the moon on a NASA mission with robots he designed to build a lunar colony, but his now meteor damaged rocket is drifting, lost in space and cut off from all Earth communication. Sunny is on an hurried errand in her minivan but her car is hit by a Land Rover, sending her wig out the window and into a muddy puddle, exposing her bald secret to the world. Plus her mother is dying slowly in the local hospital, her son is medicated with an ever changing pill regime to quash his autistic behaviors, and her uterus is holding a new baby who’s threatening to come out too early.


Flashback scenes in the rugged rural Pennsylvania town where Sunny and Maxon grew up, and Burma where Sunny was born to a missionary father and a determined mother, fill out the story which reads like science flecked poetry. Shine Shine Shine captivated and charmed me completely. I love its celebration of neurodiversity, and as someone who has been temporarily hairless through chemotherapy I'm thrilled to read a book featuring a bald woman.