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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson

This beautiful, sad but not tragic, retelling of Peter Pan features fifteen-year-old Tiger Lily, the resilient, stoic, almost feral girl Peter loved before the sweet but somewhat insipid Wendy ever found her way to Neverland. Tiger Lily isn’t the sort to talk about herself, so the story is narrated by Tinker Bell who here is a wild but loyal fairy who can’t speak but can read thoughts and feel emotions.


Author Jodi Lynn Anderson has filled out Tiger Lily’s background, giving her a tribe, a shaman as an adoptive father, and an arranged marriage she is expected to accept. There is no comic or cartoon-like Disney quality in this version of Peter Pan. The forests are shadowy and dangerous, fate is capricious, true love might not last forever, and happy endings are not guaranteed, but Tiger Lily is too strong to live her life as a victim of circumstance.


If like me you loved Peter Pan as a child, here is a moving, more grown-up version of the story. Because Tinker Bell is the narrator, there is always a little distance between the reader and Tiger Lily, but the upside to that is the pleasure of getting to know the fierce little fairy.