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Spell Bound (Hex Hall)

Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins

Sophie literally goes to hell and back in this series closer, but even that doesn’t slow down her stream snarky wisecracks. When the book opens the magical world is on the brink of war and Sophie has been stripped of her demon powers, but her enemies, the red-headed warrior women of the Brannick family, inexplicably and somewhat reluctantly consider Sophie their ally and leader.


All Sophie’s sidekicks are back, including her pink-haired vampire roommate, her frenemy ghost rival, her boyfriend (who is supposed to be trying to kill her) and her fiancée (who is not the same person). There are loads of revelations; people are not who they seem to be and Sophie finds out some startling truths about her family history.


I enjoyed the first and second books in this series more. The first book did a wonderful job of introducing appealing characters, setting a funny but heartfelt tone and building a distinctive paranormal world, and the second book developed it all further and bounded along to a heart-stopping cliffhanger. The relationship tensions are less in Spell Bound and being the last book in the series the ultimate outcome isn’t really in doubt, but it’s still a fun read and a mostly satisfying wrap up to the story.