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The Next Best Thing

The Next Best Thing - Jennifer Weiner

13184572This is the correct book cover for this title--not sure why the other cover got imported from GoodReads, but oh well . . .


Jennifer Weiner writes the kinds of characters it’s hard to let go of when the book is over. Ruth Saunders has never been Hollywood-pretty, but that’s where she is, working as a writer. She moved there with the Grandmother who raised her, and though her love life has had a few bumps Ruth’s dream is about to come true—the sitcom she created based on her life with her grandmother is going to be produced.


But nothing about the show is turning out the way she pictured it. The jokes have been coarsened and the characters have been glamorized, and even though Ruth is supposed to be in charge it’s the network calling the shots. Plus Ruth is in love with someone she works with, a man who already has a glamorous girlfriend, and last time she pursued an on the job romance it led to a humiliating, almost career-ending disaster.


Topping it off her grandmother is about to get married, which is wonderful of course, but Ruth is fighting feelings of abandonment. It’s a great story with real but appealing characters to root for, and the behind the scenes glimpses of TV show production are an added perk.