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A Confusion of Princes

A Confusion of Princes - Garth Nix

Ultimately, Prince Khemri has a choice. Or at least he hopes he does. After years of development and training, becoming a prince of the vast galaxy-spanning Empire had sounded great. Khenri’s mind and body have been enhanced to almost superhero status with advanced mechanical, biological and cognitive technologies, and he has legions of priests and servants to see to his every need, but his dreams of glorious, solo exploits soon come crashing down. Becoming a prince means being in constant threat of assassination and having almost every decision effectively predetermined by the Imperial Mind. When Prince Khemri is told he has been selected as a possible candidate for a secret career path his options are to accept his dangerous testing mission or die.


But being out in the universe on his own gives Khemri a different view of the Empire, and he meets a young woman who makes him rethink all of his preconceptions. Does he want to remain a self-involved, over-privileged cog in the Empire’s massive machine or should he throw aside everything he’s worked toward to chance maybe having the freedom to follow the heart he’s only just discovering that he has.


There’s very thorough world building in A Confusion of Princes, and the first person narration puts readers inside the evolving mindset of a character who might not be as sympathetic or interesting if the story was written in the third person. The ultimate outcome isn’t in much doubt, but the twists and turns of how it was brought about kept me very engaged. This isn’t a typical fiction choice for me, but A Confusion of Princes is well-crafted and suspenseful enough that once I started reading it I picked it up in every free moment I had.