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A Blood Seduction

A Blood Seduction - Pamela Palmer

Vampires live among us in Pamela Palmer’s A Blood Seduction, but they’re in an alternate, overlaid, now deteriorating world where the sun almost never shines. Vamp City, or VC, coexists with Washington DC and as the book opens the local news is full of missing person stories. Main character Quinn Lennox soon finds out where they are all going when she and her brother stumble into the other side and are immediately commandeered to be vampire slaves. Quinn has extra tasty blood, like Sookie Stackhouse, and is a witch but doesn’t know it so has to learn to use her powers, like Harry Potter—though unlike Harry she’s on her own, there’s no Hogwarts. Her brother Zach is the most important person in the world to her, so when she manages to escape back to the human version of the city she willingly returns to VC to take on the almost hopeless task of rescuing him.


These vampires are domineering and sadistic, yet Quinn still manages to be attracted to her captor, a dramatic tension I found more irritating then captivating, and many of their interactions are in the R-rated category with Quinn always coming around to enjoying the physical attentions he forces on her. There are also scenes of mass humiliation and torture that are not for the faint of heart. In many ways the characters are well developed and consistent—these vampires don’t have hearts of gold under their cruel exteriors—and the book isn’t badly written so I’m sure it will have an appreciative audience. The world building is good and Quinn is strong, loyal and brave, but my preference is for storylines that aren’t so dark and female characters who aren’t drawn to violent, abusive cads.