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Naughty in Nice (Royal Spyness Series #5)

Naughty In Nice - Rhys Bowen

Queen Victoria's great-granddaughter Georgie, currently thirty-fourth in line to the throne, wants to follow her family and friends to the French Riviera, but as usual she doesn't have the cash. Fortunately Queen Mary has another discrete little job for her, this time in Nice, so off she goes with her hopelessly improper but intrepid maid Queenie. Somehow Georgie has to figure out how to retrieve the Queen's ornate, stolen snuffbox from the aptly named Sir Groper.


For this adventure Georgie spends a lot more time with her glamorous mostly absent mother, and she meets Coco Channel who decides Georgie would be the perfect model for her rakish new collection. Gracefulness is not Georgie's strong point so things go terribly wrong when she makes her stroll down the catwalk. Further complications set in as the Queen's jewels are stolen, people start dying, and a Georgie look-alike is spotted around town.


The sunny, vividly described Mediterranean setting is makes Naughty in Nice a vacation in book form.