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Royal Flush (Royal Spyness Series #3)

Royal Flush - Rhys Bowen

Lady Georgiana is thirty-fourth in line to the throne and so has all the responsibilities of being royal, but unfortunately she doesn’t have enough money to feed herself very well, much less pay for the wardrobe and servants that are expected for someone of her station. For this adventure Georgie leaves London suddenly, after an unfortunate attempt to earn some money goes horribly wrong, and heads for Castle Rannoch, the family estate in Scotland. Castle Rannoch is very close to Balmoral where the King and his family are currently staying, which is handy because the Queen wants Georgie to keep an eye on some suspicious goings on and one does not say no to the Queen.


Georgie’s miserly, not so loving sister-in-law Fig is actually thrilled to have Georgie back at Castle Ronnoch. She and Georgie’s brother Binky have been forced to play host to the heir to the throne’s paramour, Wallis Simpson, and a pack of her American friends so Fig wants Georgie’s help. The Americans are all behaving in unsuitable ways, strange almost deadly accidents keep happening, and Georgie’s handsome but elusive boyfriend Darcy keeps popping in and out of her life when she least expects it. This third installment of the Royal Spyness Mysteries is just as fun as the first two.