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Demonglass: A Hex Hall Novel

Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins

Whoa! I’m glad I didn’t discover this series until all three books were available. This second installment—which if anything is even better than the first—ends in a doozy of a cliffhanger.


Sophie has learned she’s actually a demon, not a witch, and she’s seen up close the horror demons are capable of so wants no part of it. She’s decided to have her powers removed even if that process kills her, but her long absent and seemingly upright demon father hopes to prove to Sophie that he can teach her to control her magic. He takes Sophie and her vampire roommate and best friend Jenna to a vast estate in England where he is head of the Prodigium, the ruling body for all forms of magical people, but in spite of the magnificence of their surrounding it quickly becomes clear that there are some serious problems in the paranormal world. Plus, Sophie still has a major crush on the former classmate that’s charged with killing her and he’s been sighted in the area.


With a rapidly moving storyline, loads of revelations, and lots witty repartee all leading up to a breathtaking cliffhanger ending, Demonglass is almost impossible to put down.