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A Daring Life: A Biography of Eudora Welty

A Daring Life: a Biography of Eudora Welty - Carolyn J. Brown This slim biography is a concise but worthy introduction to Eudora Welty’s life, which covered most of the last century, and it provides insight into how personal circumstances and national events affected Welty’s writing for readers who aren’t yet prepared to tackle a larger book about her. It quotes extensively from the much longer (almost 700 page) biography by Suzanne Marrs, a women author Carolyn J. Brown thanks as a mentor in the acknowledgements, and from Eudora Welty’s own book about her life, One Writer’s Beginning. Eudora grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and began her writing life as a listener, even as a child always interested in the stories being told around her. Her life encapsulates some of the big events of the 1900’s. She lived through the Great Depression, she had many friends, family members, and an early love interest who fought in World War II, and she supported the Civil Rights movement even in its early days by refusing to speak to segregated audiences. Though caregiving family members put her writing on hold for years, Welty won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Optimist’s Daughter in 1973. Readers of A Daring Life may be inspired to seek out Welty’s stories, novels and essays.