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Playing Dead

Playing Dead - Julia Heaberlin I enjoyed the characters and the well-evoked wide-sky Texas setting of this thriller so much it gave me a case of cognitive dissonance—I wanted to keep reading as fast as I could to figure everything out and I wanted to go slow and have the book world I was inhabiting last as long as possible. Tommie, tough and compassionate--a former rodeo star now working on a PhD in psychology, is home for her father’s funeral when she gets a letter that throws everything she thinks she knows about her life and family in question. Was she kidnapped as a baby and raised by people who aren’t blood relatives? With her father no longer around and her mother no longer lucid there is nobody she can go to for answers. As she begins to investigate the threat of danger surfaces immediately, making Tommie desperate to protect what’s left of the family she knows and loves—her free spirited younger sister and her elementary school age niece. Plenty of plot twists kept me guessing so I figured out some but not all of the eventual outcome. I’m looking forward to reading more by Julia Heaberlin. For now, this first book has left me with a strong desire to see the small towns and open ranges of Texas for myself.